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Latest programming trends to know about

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Latest programming trends to know about

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The new technologies that deliver one or more of these eclipse the previous generation. It is a meritocracy, not a whimsy-ocracy but in the world of technology, rigor, science, math, and precision rule over fad. That is not to say programming is a profession devoid of trends. The difference is that programming trends are driven by greater efficiency, increased customization, and ease-of-use. That what makes programming an endlessly fascinating profession is the rapid change, passionate debate, sudden comebacks.

Web interfaces
The IDE is to be eclipsed by browser-based tools that let you edit the code, often of a working system. If you do not like how WordPress works, it comes with a built-in editor that lets you change the code right then and there. Microsoft’s Azure lets you write JavaScript glue code right in its portal. These systems do not offer the best debugging environments and there is something dangerous about editing production code, but the idea has legs.

Those who wanted to fix JavaScript created CoffeeScript, a preprocessor that lets them to code, again, without the onerous punctuation. There seem to be dozens of languages like Scala or Clojure that run on the JVM, but there’s only one JVM. Now people with a clever idea just write a preprocessor that translates the new code into something old with a rich set of libraries and APIs. People who loved dynamic typing created Groovy, a simpler version of Java without the overly insistent punctuation.

With the present technology, the video games are filled with extensive graphical routines that can run in parallel, the video card runs the show. It is easy to spend some money on a fancy video card, and some serious gamers use more than one. They are more than double the price of many basic desktops. The gamers are not the only ones bragging about their GPU cards and the computer scientists are now converting many parallel applications to run hundreds of times faster on the GPU.

Though you could learn something by reading a puffed-up list of accomplishments that include vice president of the junior high chess club but reading someone’s actual code is so much richer and more instructive. This is why participating in open source projects is becoming more and more important for finding a job. Sharing the code from a proprietary project is hard, but open source code can go everywhere.

Mobile Web apps
You could rush off and write separate versions for iOS, Android, Windows 8, and maybe even BlackBerry OS or one of the others. Each requires a separate team speaking a different programming language. Then each platform’s app store exerts its own pound of flesh before the app can be delivered to the users. Or you could just build one HTML app and put it on a website to run on all the platforms. If there is a change, you don’t need to return to the app store, begging for a quick review of a bug fix.

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