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Top seo mistakes that you can avoid

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Top seo mistakes that you can avoid

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When webmasters build a site, often they get carried away with the design or rankings, forgetting SEO best practices that will safeguard the integrity of their site.

Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing refers to the shady tactic of stuffing a web page full of words and phrases in an attempt to manipulate a site’s rankings in Google’s search results. Repeating a word or phrase intentionally would not boost your rankings. You will attract Google for sure, swiftly followed by a kick down the results pages.

Broken links

A broken link is the name given to a hyperlink that no longer points to its intended destination. You have been won over by an article’s sales spiel and you are desperate to see what’s on the other side of the link. Obviously anybody in their right mind would click a link that promised to make look 10 years younger. The websites naturally accumulate broken links: however they’re a major nuisance to your visitors and Google does not like them either.

Copied copy

It was considered the sin of all sins. There were sharp intakes of breath when little Johnny cheats-a-lot stole Perfect-Pat-with-a-cherry-on-top’s work. When performing SEO audits for clients’ websites it is common to find that another website has ripped off all of their original content. Or worse still, it is the other way round. Crafting unique, compelling copy can seem like a tall order. But stealing it from a competitor is not only illegal: Google can push your site so far down the rankings that no-one will ever find it, and in severe cases, de-index the whole website, so just don’t do it.

Use from non-credible sources

Links to your site are like votes of confidence. Imagine George Foreman telling you that you have a pretty good right hook. You’d feel like a champ. It is a real compliment coming from someone who actually knows a thing or two about boxing. This is the type of quality that you should focus your link building efforts on.

Meta keyword tags

Webmasters who still use meta keywords are like someone insisting their nylon tracksuit is a credible fashion statement. At one point, long ago, search engine algorithms took meta keywords into account, but now they have a negligible impact on SEO.

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