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Vital web design mistakes to avoid

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Vital web design mistakes to avoid

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In the world of web designing, there are so many deadly mistakes that are made in website design as there are so many goofs site builders make but for this article, for the preference of the viewers, we have narrowed the focus to the most disastrous ones. So, always remember to avoid these gaffes, and your site will be far better than much of the competition and you can gain maximum from the most effective and apt to the latest standards in the market.

Bad navigation
There should be a navigation bar on every page that guides visitors to other areas of the site. Position the bar along the top of the page or along the left side so it will always be visible regardless of screen resolution. Do add an easy-to-find site map in your main navigation bar and/or footer to provide visitors with an at-a-glance view of every page on your site. The internet promises speed. If surfers cannot figure out where to go next quickly and get there easily, they will simply surf on to the next website which may be your competitor.

Much colors
Always use two or three fonts and colors per page, maximum. The idea is to reassure viewers of your solidity and stability, not to convince them you are wildly artistic. Also remember to make sure your font and colors look good on all possible devices from desktops to tablets to iPhones, etc. Remember that the pages ought to present a unified, consistent look, but novice site builders. Having hundreds of fonts at their fingertips, plus dozens of colors can turn their pages into a garish mishmash.

Broken links
Bad links meaning the hyperlinks that do nothing when clicked or lead to 404 error pages are the bane of any web surfer. Test your site and do it weekly all to ensure that all links work as promised. Include a Contact the Webmaster link in your site’s footer so users can quickly let you know if they find a broken link or other mistake on your site and fix those errors immediately.

Slow loading
Slow load times are inexcusable with professional sites as it is an invitation to the visitor to click away. Research showed that online shoppers, on average, will wait only four seconds for a site to load before clicking away. If your site is loading significantly slower than this, put it on a diet such as images may be too large or special add-ons, like a Flash introduction, may be slowing things down.

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